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General Information

Process name: Sonic Update Manager or VERITAS Update Manager or VERITAS StorageGuard
Product name: RecordNow Update Manager or Sonic Update Manager or IBM RecordNow Update Manager or VERITAS RecordNow or VERITAS RecordNow DX or Stomp DLA Update Manager or PC Study Bible or Stomp Backup MyPC
Made by company: Sonic Solutions
File: sgtray.exe
File size: 110,592 bytes
Common file location: C:\Program FilesCommon Files
Danger Rating: 29% [Harmless]

More information on sgtray.exe

sgtray is a process that implements a system tray icon for Veritas Storage Guard, which is typically installed as part of Veritas data backup utilities such as Backup Exec Desktop Pro. The icon allows you to quickly access your Veritas product to back up your data files, and it will also periodically prompt you with a reminder if it has been a long period of time since your last backup.


Visitor Comments About sgtray.exe
Sonic Update Manager - removed per Donieks suggestion - problem solved - thanks Doniek. There is no need to have these kinds of programs resident in memory. These programs should just check ONCE at startup and then shut themselves down.
The recommendation from Doniek worked for me. sgtray.exe was keeping my PC from shutting down. The problem was resolved when I removed the Sonic Update Manager. This is not a dangerous situation, but it sure was annoying. The file is not essential.
Sonic update manager - needs all this io to check for updates to their software? every 10 seconds? i dont think so.
Netstat -b showed sgtray.exe connected to an IP address at port 80 from my computer. Pretty sure sign that this file was dangerous to the security of our network. You might want to check yours!!!
Constantly connecting to internet at startup. Dont know what it is.
It does not allow me to switch off my OS, it hangs up, have to close it manually . UGH
If Sonics servers cannot be reached it locks out port 80 - so the user gets no web
Veritas Software Updater disable if u dont use veritas
It was causing my PC to lockup. It may have had a conflict with HP printer software. If I killed either task the problem went away. I need to print so it is gone!
Installed on ibm thinkpad: part of software ibm recordnow update manager
Yea its not dangerous but yet it could be because it keeps running behind the user so i suggest you all uncheck it from msconfig.exe or it will cause annoying messages like sgtray.exe is not responding when you try to off the computer. So, i took it off and my computer shuts down normally (without an annoying message) I used record now and it works perfectly so it does not harm your p.c. if u uncheck it.
Not much - so what is the solution, great to know Im not the only one but I would have expected a solution
A Sonic RecordNow File.. Constantly asking for internet service.. Annoying!
This is very annoying process, it is not happen always .
Uninstall Sonic Update Management from Windows AddRemove programs will remove sgtray.exe. The CD burner still works fine
I kept getting memory reference errors. I unistalled Sonic RecordNow to remove this annoyance.
It caused the HP scanner on one of our systems to freeze after one scanned page. After some long troube-shooting I found out that the sgtray.exe caused the problems somehow. Since I disabled it with msconfig and then renamed it to sgtray.old, the problems are gone.
Appears to have also screwed up some IE functions until it was removed. IDd as part of Sonic update, killing task freed up PC after lockup
Ive been facing several excel failures lately. Whenever I choose to end the program, I also get an error message related to sgtray.exe. Im deleting it.
Interferes with my sign in for McAfee. Causes McAfee to constantly ask for verification of membership.
My system keeps locking up, and sometimes needs a hard boot - if I stop sgtray.exe by task manager all is fine - this puppy is coming out now!
It seems to be a part of Sonics RecordNow, so not spyware, but ANNOYING-ware. Every time I shutdown my PC I get a message telling that Couldn shutdown cgtray.exe, and stays there foerever, unless you manually abort the process; then shutdown will continue normally. But if you dont abort it manually, shutdown will not happen and next morning youll find your PC stil shutting down, and hot, as a collegue said above.
When I go to turn off my computer, sometimes I get the message sgtray.exe is not responding. This doesnt happen all the time though. Anyone know what could be wrong?
Causes my computer to freeze on shutdown. I have occaisional problems with some strange memory errors.
Part of Sonic RecordNow, seems to hang on shutdown. Am going to replace with better CD recording software!
It doesnt cause me much trouble, but I prefer to delete it, because I dont want many backround processes running on my system.
It seems to be causing problems w mem mgmt & network functions
It continuously does not react when I switch off the computer. Even after reinstalling the system :-(
I allowed VERITAS UPDATE MANAGER to connecto by mistake. So tried to shutdown my computer. the system could not shut it down. I ended it throufh manager. It seemed to work so I left. three hours later when I went to start my computer it was very hot so I notice it was still on. This happen twice. I computer is now acting strange.
SAFE - check Norton - backup related application file that is SAFE not spywear. Users choice to keep - not needed if you have separate backup system. Veritas = software owner.
This updater for Sonic RecordNow would not stop dialing the internet even when I disabled it in the program, so I removed it from loading in msconfig. Later I tried to remove RecordNow from my computer which screwed things up entirely, so I did a Windows restore, but ever since have had little creeping problems. Stupid program!
This file has 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), 711 trojan to IP;
This thing has strange internet activity. mine hooks up about once every 10 sec. it seems to be looping around my routerfirewall & only connecting every few min. It is part of `record now` but I don`t like it & it`s coming out!


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